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My heart was warm while watching this, but the end made me want to hurl.—Anna Kopsky The deep web is no fucking joke, and watching people play a game called "Sad Satan" proves that.

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“I’m having this weird micro-crisis about social media in general I think this year,” Thomas, 35, continued.

Kidzworld kicked it at the beach in Marina, Del Rey, CA, with gorgeous mega-star Zac Efron, who talked about his new romantic drama Charlie St. Kidzworld: That's cool but if you and Vanessa or you and your friends were going to just secretly sail away, where would be your dream destination and why? But somewhere with clear blue water would be really fun to sail. Enrique [Chediak] was a real cool [director of photography] and he’s really good at making everything look beautiful. As far as watching myself on screen, I tend to, especially the first time around, pick out every single flaw, or things I could have and should have done better.

cast is also struggling between two social messaging platforms – Snapchat or Instagram Stories?

“To be honest, just because I’m too lazy I don’t want to build another set of followers on another app somewhere, I just save my Snapchat videos and put them on Instagram so I’m robbing them of their goods,” Thomas Middleditch, who plays Richard Hendricks on the show, told Mashable.

So if you like boats and you’re absolutely crazy about Zac Efron, you might find this movie bearable. Charlie lives with his divorced mother and younger brother, Sam.

One night, Charlie gives Sam a ride, they get hit by a drunk driver, Sam is killed, Charlie survives.

And is having Zac’s eyes fill with tears most of the time, on the verge of a really big blub, such a good idea?

So, if that’s the case, are we going to have to replace our flat tires ourselves?

Cloud is in a sailboat race with his brother, Sam, in the Splendid Splinter. Froemming: What went wrong was your choice in film with this JOE-DOWN.

I suppose so, and we couldn’t even give our guy a hard time about it because we’d be too worried he’d start sobbing in front of the neighbors.

held at Nightingale Plaza on Friday night (September 16) in Los Angeles.

We had such a great relationship by the end of the film and it was coming very naturally. It doesn't really come from personal experience but I've always had an affinity for that culture. Initially, in the script, it was sliding in the mud but just from personal experience, the sliding in the mud thing is never really comfortable. I told Burr (his director) it would be cooler if we could actually skim-board so we figured out a way to work that in instead of just sliding through water on our stomachs which wouldn't be fun for very long. There's a whole thing about weight distribution in the car for maximum turning and hitting your apex on U-turns.

By: Lynn Barker "She's that girl who got to make out with Zac Efron in Charlie St.