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Updating ruby on the mac

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Kevin Skoglund shows how to use Unix to set up a complete development environment, including Xcode, Homebrew (an open-source software package manager), Ruby, Ruby Gems, and My SQL.

Learn how to select an appropriate text editor and get started creating and launching new Ruby on Rails projects.

In setting up for the Treehouse Rails 5 Basics course, we’re also updating our installation help workshops to cover Rails 5.

We figured we’d share those directions here, as a little nudge to those of you who still haven’t discovered how awesome Rails is.

Rails abstracts a lot of the different database differences to your app, but you still may want to actually run My SQL just to have the added confidence that there aren’t any subtle quirks/differences.This used to be a lengthy process, but if you are on Mavericks, all you have to do is to run this command in your terminal: RVM and RBENV are the two leading Ruby version managers.I prefer RBENV because it’s a simpler and lighter weight solution, and together with bundler, it solves the project gemset problem in a more elegant way. rbenv by itself only manages switching ruby versions.Now it’s time to install our first Homebrew package.For security reasons, we’re going to need an encryption tool named “gpg”, so let’s install that.There are a couple of terms and concepts to be familiar with.